Mole is a special animal in the free-to-play multiplayer game that you are able to play online. Your creature owns a unique skill which allows it to dig.



Mole is pretty small if it is compared to other animals in multiplayer game. At the start, it is not much bigger than a mouse. Mole is a dark shade of gray with a bright pink nose and slightly darker pink paws. In this multiplayer game, the mole is the first creature having paws.

The mole is the ninth animal in game. It is evolved from the cheetah at 42,000 EXP. To level up to the bear, you need to gain 110k EXP. Small and large holes are the places that the mole can hide to escape the enemy. Aside from that, berry bushes and water spots are also the good locations. The mole can eat all below except mice.

Mope io

Mole possesses an exciting ability in game. It can dig and move underground. After it goes in any hiding hole, you can use right click to dig. Indeed, it can dig tunnels and travel around this world. This helps this animal surprise others and eat them.

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