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About FOWz:

As one of the best Tower Defense IO games to master, FOWz knows what to do to keep you engaged for hours. You should give this game a shot to test your abilities and to conquer a lot of exciting challenges. You will come across new opponents across the globe, making the arena much more challenging to conquer. You need to prepare both attack and defense plans to cope with these enemies, or else they will wipe you out in just a wink. You should also destroy plenty of objects on the map to deal more damage to others, but be careful because they can attack you back in the same way. When you defend yourself, use the epic spin attack to fend off any objects that are exploding around you. Your life is a big matter in FOWz, so do whatever it takes to survive all challenges. As time passes, buy brand new characters with great items to retrieve your health and stamina. How long can you withstand the toughness of the battle? Good luck!


Spin with the left mouse and throw weapons using the right mouse.

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